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Celebrating the many individuals who transformed their lives with the help of Pure Haven Family Resource Center

Lives are not transformed in one day or by one person. It takes great relationships, partnerships, willing participants and a lot of faith and prayer to have an impact that will be life changing for so many. Please enjoy some of the stories of our success!

"Awesome workshops, Pure Haven has really helped me become a better person.  I'm a different person today compared to who I was when I walked through the doors.  I have learned to control my temper and anger along with learning to value myself as I strive for better."


/// Carole Brasche - Client

"The teachings on personalities were phenomenal as well as the book you gave me. These tools help me better understand my employees, myself and family. You have equipped us with communication skills to help our working and personal relationships thrive."

Lifetime Pregnancy.jpg

/// Debbie Schultz - Lifetime Pregnancy Center

"The portion of the clinic that was most helpful for me was the importance of transparency and communication because it gives me a better outlook of things I am doing wrong in my relationship with my daughter.  I am passing down a generational curse and this training will help me break that cycle.  I enjoyed all the topics."

Support Groups

/// Anonymous

Additional Stories

"I never knew this place existed but what a wonderful hidden jewel."    

/// Ms.E - Workshop Participant

"I came to address my anger and it was accomplished.  I know I have a long way to go but I know how to deal with it." 

/// Mrs. M -  Workshop Participant

"I love the programs, one on one sessions, and the workshops."  

/// Mrs. Nosa - Workshop Participant

"Anger Management helped me very much and gave me the ability to speak and talk to people better and it also helped restore my relationship with my girlfriend." 

/// E. O. - Workshop Participant

"I believe I now have the tools on how to handle situations and to keep self under control.  I loved everything about this class. 

/// S. D. - Client

"I feel like I handle situations better now since taking the class and I am better at identifying why I get angry. 

/// J. F. - Workshop Participant

"Anger Management provided me with Life Skills and the right tools to deal with my anger problem.  

/// C. W. - Workshop Participant

Radical Responsibility Class - "I loved everything.  I enjoyed how clear everything was as it relates to taking responsibility for my actions." 

/// L Washington - Workshop Participant

"Every class I have taken, Healthy Relationship, Self Esteem, and Anger Management have been very helpful for me." 

/// J. Singleton - Client

"What I enjoyed the most about the Mother-Daughter Clinic is being able to hear others stories and realizing things I am going through they have."  

/// Anonymous

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